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It's getting hot out there! The Haspel Brothers company, founded in New Orleans in 1909, designed this seersucker suit to help keep their customers cool in the 1950s. The company's founder, Joseph Haspel, originated the idea of making men's suits out of lightweight wash-and-wear cotton seersucker material, which ultimately led to seersucker becoming the quintessential southern man's warm-weather suit. A 1950s Haspel suit is one of the artifacts included in the exhibition "We Love You, New Orleans" in the Cabildo.

Men's seersucker suit, Haspel Brothers, Inc., ca. 1950. Gift of the Crawford Family, 1966.060.145a–b.

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Every year in June, on a warm and sticky Thursday, senators arrive at work looking like they’ve come straight from the Kentucky Derby. Gone are the standard dark suits of the winter months. Instead, they wear seersucker.

Walking the halls of the Capitol, they project a sense of gentility and ease. Why yes, they seem to say, this fabric is 100 percent cotton. Why yes, it is extremely cool. Why yes, these tiny stripes, blue and white and vanishingly thin, kind of make your head spin. Now let’s all squeeze together for a bipartisan photo op.

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Two native New Orleans brands have joined forces on the release of a capsule accessory collection paying tribute to all things Louisiana.

American tailored clothing brand Haspel has teamed up with accessories company NOLA Couture on a line of colorful silk ties, bow ties, and pocket squares featuring some of Louisiana’s favorite things like sugarcane, pelicans, catfish, the “Cajun Holy Trinity”, magnolias, iris, and strawberry prints. Pocket squares retail for $35, bow ties for $55, and neckties for $65.

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“National Seersucker Day is June 13 and what other brand can actually say that they own a holiday?” said Aronson.

In the past 110 years, there’s been no shortage of legendary figures wearing the suits, from Hollywood stars and political icons, to presidents of the United States. It’s a style that’s gone national and started in Louisiana.

“Louisiana is our home and we are very, very proud of that,” said Aronson. “Haspel clothing are clothes meant for a good time.”

Tom Wolfe talks iconic white suit! | by James Joiner | Photo by David Corio

The legendary New Journalist has one of the most flamboyant literary styles imaginable, and he dresses to match in his trademark ice cream suit and matching homburg.

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What happens in New Orleans... | by Julie

Come for the "I dos" and stay for the rip roaring party afterward! Annie and Brad's what happens in New Orleans blush wedding was just that; a beautiful and meaningful wedding ceremony at Nola's Race + Religious that was proceeded by a reception their guests are not likely to soon forget! Read the full article here.

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Pee-wee Herman and Haspel via

Pee-wee in Haspel seersucker! | by The Editors of GQ | Photo by Peggy Sirota

America's favorite man-child was ahead of his time, not only for his gonzo 1980s kid show (which adults secretly loved) but also for his geeked-out look and perfect bow ties. And now that Pee-wee Herman's back, making Netflix movies and looking ageless, the fashion world is finally catching up. feature during Haspel National Seersucker Day lunch in New York

"Let's Do Lunch" National Seersucker Day | by Todd Kingston Plummer

“Let’s do lunch” is the ubiquitous refrain of many fashion folks and busy corporate-types in New York. But the problem is, a high-noon lunch date in June often means sweltering temperatures, sticky subway rides, and unsightly sweat stains. Not so chic. However, a pair of midday events this week taught us how to lunch in style while looking cool as a cucumber.