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FREE SHIPPING over $150 • Suits Made in USA

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Big & tall? Your size out of stock? Want a vest to match your suit? Love those pleated pants? Want a double breasted sport coat in our Haspel exclusive seersucker stretch? We've got you covered!

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Special Order  “My great, great, grandfather, Joseph Haspel, Sr.  fitted the Academy Award Winner Gregory Peck  for a Haspel Special Order Seersucker Suit & Vest,  which he wore in his role in To Kill a Mockingbird.”  LAURIE HASPEL, PRESIDENT & CEO
Traditionally a seersucker suit is known by its signature blue and white stripes, because this was The Original and popularized in the early 1900’s by my great-grandfather Joseph Haspel, Sr, who was known for being a fabric innovator in the men’s fashion realm. His seersucker wash-and-wear suits have graced the physiques of Gregory Peck, Cary Grant, and nearly every President since Calvin Coolidge.  
The number one rule about seersucker is that there are no rules. Traditional fashion rules no longer apply and haven’t for a while. Embracing new and different ways of wearing the classics allows for personal creativity, innovation, and true opportunities for self-expression.
Gone are the days of strict fashion rules. There we said it. The fashion world is constantly evolving, and we must evolve with it or risk extinction like so many other American fashion mainstays.