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FREE GROUND SHIPPING (in USA) on orders over $150.

FREE GROUND SHIPPING (in USA) on orders over $150.

FREE GROUND SHIPPING (in USA) on orders over $150.

#1 Rule of Seersucker: There are no rules.

By Laurie Haspel

The number one rule about seersucker is that there are no rules. Traditional fashion rules no longer apply and haven’t for a while. Embracing new and different ways of wearing the classics allows for personal creativity, innovation, and true opportunities for self-expression. 

The year 2020, will long be remembered as a year that will live in infamy for the fashion and retail industry. The world stood still and embraced loungewear in our new stay at home world. During our very lengthy working from home spells and bouts of quarantine, we were confronted with the realization that without the “stage” we were generally accustomed to, our daily wardrobes diminished in both quality and style. 

Confronted with the notion that our fashion motivation was originating in a place of performance and wanting to showcase our style to those around us - the world let out a simultaneous sigh and we all began to wonder what was the point of getting dressed? All of the extra effort of styling began to feel like an unbearable drain. The law of diminishing return won out and the Year of Loungewear continued onward.

Shockwaves of this worldwide sigh rippled through the fashion industry, causing seismic tremors that will be felt for years to come. Articles began to surface about fashion giants declaring bankruptcy and countless local retailers closing their doors. Headline after headline declared that the coronavirus pandemic had cause the worst year in retail sales in years to the estimated tune of over half a trillion dollars in loss.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pair of lounge pants, yoga pants, and even sweatpants on occasion, but towards the end of the summer last year, the siren call of dressing Haspel men in my tailored clothes was beckoning me - back to the good old days of civility and simply getting dressed. I longed to see a crisp smooth freshly pressed shirt, and the buttery goodness of a lightweight trouser. But this was 2020, no one was getting dressed to go anywhere.

Would I get dressed head to toe to just hop on a video call? Would I put on my best clothes to spend the entire day in my home alone? Damn right I would. Lipstick too. 2020 helped me to realize something. Fashion is not for the stage. It is not for my peers or my co-workers. It is 100% for me. I get dressed, because of how it makes me feel, not how I think others will perceive me. I get dressed, because it gives me hope. Hope that our world condition will improve. Hope that things will return to better than business as usual. Hope that our next great opportunities are just around the corner. So, here is our Haspel anthem for 2021. Two simple words, that we hope will give you a “shot in the arm” – pun intended. Two words…get dressed. It will make you feel so damn good. One pant leg at a time. Get dressed. Look good, feel good, and get to living.

Seersucker “rule” number one really is not a rule at all, because the rules have already been obliterated. We nearly sank the fashion industry when in the absence of a stage we chose comfort over our own vanity. As we embark on this new never-before traversed era of fashion, style is no longer only vain inclination, but a great step forward in our self-care and ultimately in the procreation of hope. 

Who are we to limit your fashion expression? The way you wear your seersucker is up to you. You have permission to wear your seersucker however you want, whenever you want. Middle of winter with a mint julep in your hand – go for it. End of fall with a quarter zip or sweater – yes! On the beach with a tee, pants rolled up – absolutely.

It is supremely up to you. Factor in your unique locale, the weather, the season, your mood, your style and you will have your uniquely-you seersucker attitude & style. Wear your seersucker preppy, casual, dressy, dressy casual, formal, with streetwear, with Bucks or with Chucks. You do you in seersucker. We can’t wait to see how you wear your seersucker this year. Tag us on social media (@haspelclothing) and let’s show the world how to seersucker. Get dressed and get living and remember…even prohibition didn’t last forever.

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