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FREE GROUND SHIPPING (in USA) on orders over $150.

FREE GROUND SHIPPING (in USA) on orders over $150.

FREE GROUND SHIPPING (in USA) on orders over $150.

Top 10 Seersucker "Rules"

Gone are the days of strict fashion rules. There we said it. The fashion world is constantly evolving, and we must evolve with it or risk extinction like so many other American fashion mainstays. Don't get me wrong, we will never stop loving the look of a well-tailored sports coat or the buttery goodness of a new pair of lightweight wool trousers, but we are embracing new casual ways to embrace traditional styles to reinvent the classics. 

So here they are, 10 Seersucker Rules from the reigning Queen of Seersucker herself, Laurie Haspel, great granddaughter of the King of Seersucker, Joseph Haspel, Sr. 

Top 10 Seersucker “Rules” 
By Laurie Haspel

#1 – There are no "rules". 
The number one rule about seersucker is that there are no rules. How you wear your seersucker is up to you, your locale, the weather, the season, your mood, your style and your uniquely-you seersucker attitude. Wear it preppy, casual, dressy, dressy casual, with streetwear, with Bucks or Chucks. You do you.

#2 – There’s more than blue and white striped seersucker. 
Traditionally seersucker is known by its signature blue and white stripes. We might have traditional roots, but we’re known for over a century of fabric innovation. We love experimenting with different patterns, screen printing, and even solid fabrics on the highest quality seersucker fabrics on the planet. And if the fabric doesn’t do what we want, we redesign the fabric too. Stripes are the classic, but not the only mainstay for seersucker.

#3 - Bust up that seersucker suit. 
Think “sport coat + pants”, rather than “suit”. Seersucker can and should be experienced as separate pieces. You will get twice as much wear and it’s easy to style. A seersucker sport coat paired with a pair of jeans and a knit polo or a cotton tee is a great look. Pants can be worn with a casual shirt and a pair of sneakers. Lunching at Galatoire’s in New Orleans? Go full suit styled with a crisp shirt and a colorful tie and pocket square.

#4 – Rock seersucker year-round.
While a traditional light striped seersucker suit may look best during the hottest months, the darker hues or pairing the lighter hues with dark bottoms will give you lots of looks you will feel comfortable in all year long. They can even be great lightweight layers for any climate. Escaping to the islands or attending a destination wedding? Pack the seersucker, even if it’s December. There’s no such thing as “no seersucker after Labor Day.” 

#5 – Collect new colors of seersucker.
Live on that seersucker edge! Don’t be afraid to try different colors. Red, green, and purple are fun choices to try, so are madras and plaids, and solids and neutrals can become mainstays. Create your own seersucker color wheel.

#6 – Take your seersucker to work.
Sure, your seersucker has led you some of your best good times, but who says it doesn’t want to bring you some adventure during your week? Take that seersucker to work. Pair up your neutral sport coats with seersucker pants or seersucker sport coats with neutral pants and expand your work week wear options. Add a solid navy or solid black seersucker sport coat and pants to your work wardrobe and keep mixing up your work style. Keep it classy, but always keep it interesting.

#7 – Casual that seersucker up.

There are still a very few places in the world that have a required dress code, but let’s face it, your wardrobe is becoming more and more casual every day. Grab a pair of seersucker shorts to match your seersucker sport coat and rock a casual style or ditch the sport coat all together and go white v-neck and seersucker pants rolled up at the beach.

#8 – Diversify your seersucker collection.
If you haven't put your muscular arms into a seersucker shirt and experienced the cooling comfort of cotton seersucker pucker, you haven't lived. Seersucker sportswear is easy to wear anytime. What makes the seersucker process truly unique is that it's so versatile. It’s the perfect fabric for shorts, shirts, robes, and tons of other apparel and accessories. We use it on just about everything. You can always find a little seersucker hiding in our Haspel products.

#9 – Don’t iron your seersucker.
I’ll say it again, don’t iron your seersucker. Don’t do it. The unique pucker is part of seersucker’s charm, much like its lightweight cousin…linen. If you embrace the wrinkled linen charm, you’re sure to love the seersucker pucker. If your seersucker look needs a little refreshing, the steamer setting on your dryer or iron should do the trick. And guys, please take your seersucker to the dry cleaners occasionally, but tell them, “no pressing needed”.

#10 – Express your unique seersucker style.

Style your seersucker as it fits your personality and your unique sense of style. We like to say that seersucker is the unique personal expression that you want it to be. You be you and when the mood hits, do it in seersucker. Share your seersucker expressions with the world and remember to tag us - @haspelclothing

#11 – Own a seersucker tuxedo.
Nothing feels better or looks better than to wear a seersucker tuxedo. You’ll thank us as you are spinning around the dance floor at 2am at a Mardi Gras Ball or a friend’s wedding. Lightweight seersucker will keep you cool as those southern nights get hot. Minimal lining and breathable cotton seersucker make Haspel tuxedos the coolest tuxedos on the planet.

#12 – Own the original seersucker.

Finally, always buy the original.  No imitations please. Sure, there are lots of other striped suits out there, but are they American made? Has their fabric been custom made to provide you with comfort, stretch and the best pucker on the planet? Is theirs a Haspel? Because NO ONE does it like Haspel. Damn right!

Remember, there are no rules when it comes to seersucker. You have permission. Cheers!

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