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Stylish Seersucker Suits You Need to Buy This Summer | Departures | JULY 2019

It's the perfect look for a touch of Southern flare.

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The origins of some of fashion’s most iconic pieces, the ones that have stood the test of time and seasonal trends, can often be traced back to the closets of blue-collar workers such as factory workers and farmers. And the reason for that is quite simple. No matter how good-looking and well designed a piece of clothing is, if it’s not comfortable, it is quite simply doomed. And when it comes to comfort, fabrics are key.

This is why seersucker is such a summer staple. Its signature pucker texture—the result of a technique that weaves threads using different tension levels—keeps the wearer cool during the warmer months.

It’s not surprising that the fabric was especially popular with workers in the South where the tropical climate can make summers especially grueling. Joseph Haspel Sr., a New Orleans-based tailor, was the first one to see its potential beyond its workwear roots. He famously walked into the Atlantic ocean dressed in a seersucker suit that he later left to drip dry on a fence just to make a point—the suit will look like new without any need of ironing and ready to be worn again that same night (which of course it was).

Naturally, it didn’t take long for celebrities and politicians to add seersucker to their wardrobes—Clark Gable, President Truman, and Jeff Bridges have all donned impeccably tailored suits by Haspel. To celebrate its 110th anniversary this year, the brand released a limited-edition suit collection in five silhouettes all inspired by Haspel’s best-selling vintage looks sporting modern updates.