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FREE GROUND SHIPPING (in USA) on orders over $150.

FREE GROUND SHIPPING (in USA) on orders over $150.

FREE GROUND SHIPPING (in USA) on orders over $150.

Nearly 40 years after creating the Original Seersucker Suit, Joseph Haspel Sr. made history. In June of 1946 while attending a trade show in Boca Raton, FL, he wanted to demonstrate to his colleagues the endurance of his "wash-and-wear" seersucker suit. 

Wearing the seersucker suit, he dove into the Atlantic Ocean, splashed around and then hung it on a fence to dry. Later that evening he famously wore it unscathed to a cocktail party. 

His gamble paid off. His friends and eventually the world agreed with the popularization and durability of his lightweight, warm-weather suits.

Over the last 116 years, the evolution of Haspel has grown from Joseph Sr.'s cornerstone suit into a wide array of men's attire.

Today, we continue to revolutionize the style and wearability of seersucker with darker colors, innovative fabrics, and bolder patterns, all while keeping the thread of our New Orleans heritage sewn into all that we create.

THE classic seersucker suit, the Original & most iconic of our seersucker colors.

Classic milk & sugar seersucker as cool as a New Orleans sno-ball.

Keep it in neutral or kick it into high gear. Rock that granite!

Relax with a frozen cocktail and chill out in our red hurricane inspired seersucker.

Refreshingly lightweight and sure to brighten everyone's day.

Get that refreshing feeling in our minty seersucker.

Get your "haze" on and start feeling like a ten in this one-of-a-kind!

Seersucker stretch, ultimate comfort, just add crawfish.