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The Best Corduroy Blazers Are Here Just in Time for Winter | The Manual | November 2019

Your blazer rotation just got a whole lot more stylish — at least, that’s the case if you consider our picks for the best corduroy blazers. Gone are the days of the baggy, stuffy corduroy blazer worn quite literally by your undergrad professor. The best corduroy blazers this year are sharp and cut as cleanly as your favorite suit jacket or trusted navy blazer, yet with some cold weather-ready fabric to give it that extra edge. The casual, throwback-inspired nature of corduroy gives these jackets the ability to be dressed down (see: a henley and dark blue denim) or dressed up (see: a white Oxford shirt and navy chinos). The best part? There’s plenty of time left to pick up yours.

Haspel Corduroy Sport Coat

Haspel Corduroy Sport Coat

You’re investing in the best with the exquisitely tailored, heritage-quality corduroy sport coat shown here from Haspel, a brand that knows a thing or two about tailoring for all seasons.


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