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Best Places For Lightweight Men's Suits | BUSINESS INSIDER | APRIL 2019

When the weather warms up, heavyweight layers like sweaters and flannels get put away in exchange for lighter, more comfortable styles like T-shirts and performance dress shirts. But for men who have to wear a full suit every day of the work week, simply changing the shirt underneath your suit isn't always enough to achieve true comfort.

Let's face it. Traditional wool suits aren't exactly built for comfort. Style and quality oftentimes take precedence, and when it's hot outside, they can be unbearable to wear. Overheating and sweating profusely is never a good feeling or look in the office, so lightweight options are a must-have during the spring and summer.

By choosing a suit that's specifically made for warmer weather, you can pull off your best formal looks without baking in the heat. To help point you in the right direction, we rounded up seven of the best places to shop for lightweight suits, along with our favorite styles.

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