Look... A Tux isn't a garment. It's a state of mind. When you wear one the details are so subtle and personal that they truly are what distinguish you as an individual. Do you really want to leave the house with an adjustable waistband, 6" peak lapels, and pant legs that look like grain silos rented from Toby's Tux Emporium? No, no you don't.

 This beauty has it all, deep navy and black striped Italian seersucker that begs to be investigated, classy satin lapel that respects tradition, and all the Haspel trim and detailing that say you're your own man. "You sure clean up good..." is something you'll never hear because everyone already knows how good you're going to look. And for a truly unique look, lose the fancy pants and head out Krewe jacket only with some dark jeans. 

Type: Formal

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