Olive-N-Twist Green/Black Seersucker Sport Coat

Green and Black Seersucker Sport Coat
The original Haspel seersucker suit now in Green/Black. Our midnight seersucker suit served as the catalyst for this stunning new era of darker side of light. Enjoy compliments and cocktails in perfect fall tone. Transforming seersucker from work to play over 110 years ago was our crowning achievement. The Ivy League followed, Hollywood followed, and a nation followed long before we actually counted "followers". It's our anthem and it plays as well today as it did in New Orleans music halls back in 1909.

AUDUBON Classic Fit
99% Cotton / 1% Elastine  ◍ Natural Shoulder  ◍ Two Button  ◍ Flap Pockets  ◍ 1/4 Lined   ◍ Side Vents  ◍ Notch Label  ◍ Dry Clean Only   ◍ Made in the USA

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What exactly is seersucker and what makes a Haspel? Learn more about us, our clothing, and this wonderfully puckered fabric that found its way into the American wardrobe thanks to a brilliant gamble by Joseph Haspel Sr. in the early 20th century. 

The Originator Of The Seersucker Suit

New Orleans 1909. Where it all started. 

Joseph Haspel Sr. was the first to recognize the power of the pucker. He founded his eponymous brand in 1909 with the goal of creating clothes that could stand up to his native New Orleans heat. He knew that the Brits used this strangely puckered cloth called seersucker in India and thought it could translate well from a laborer’s outfit to a hot-weather-ready suit.

He was right, the world agreed and quickly Haspel became synonymous with summertime soigné and the  jazz hot, cayenne kick of the Crescent City style. Yankee prepsters at Princeton weren’t far behind, snapping up this "It Suit" and spreading it through the Ivy League as a signifier of a true gentlemen.